In This Body Virtual Conference

Finding Liberation

You may have missed the live run of the Conference, but you can still get in on the learning until 31 July

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Get extended access to all the videos, audios, resources, and Bonuses from the In This Body: Finding Liberation Virtual Conference with the Make Progress Pass.

The Make Progress Pass gives you tools to deepen your liberation practice.

Here’s what you’ll get as a Passholder:

  • 6 months of extended access to all the Conference recordings until 31 January, 2024
    • Rewatch, review, relearn at your own tempo
  • Podcast-style audio feed
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  • Speaker Bonuses
    • More good stuff from the very Speakers you’ve already been learning from: trainings, downloads, discounts, and more!

Prices start at $37. Payment plans are available.

Line drawing of a face being caressed by many hands by Caché Owens

One week of conversation and community is a great place to begin… but making lasting change takes time and practice.

You’ve signed up for this awesome Conference that’s going to help you push your learning edges.

You’re going to receive 15+ hours of stories from folks whose lived experience in their bodies can help you become a better-informed ally and even find liberation for yourself.

But if you’re planning to have this event simply play in the background while you go about your day, shepherding kids to and from summer activities, tidying the house, or doing those repetitive work tasks that only take half your brain, you’ll still be able to glean some lovely little takeaways because OMG is there so! much! in here to take away!!!

But if you really took the time to integrate what you’re learning from these amazing, generous, and insightful practitioners and activists into your every day life, you could transform so much about how you move through the world, feel about your own body, and show up for those who are different from you.

That’s why we’re offering the Make Progress Pass.

It gives you the opportunity to really dive deep into the conversations that resonated so hard for you PLUS the time to check out the ones that you weren’t able to get to because of time, capacity, or life doing its thing.

You even get access to an awesome array of Bonuses from the Speakers that will help you better embody the gems you gleaned from their interviews!

Sign up for the Make Progress Pass now, starting at $37, so that you can relax into the interviews, workshops, and community events you can attend without worrying about what you missed.

Line drawing of a person laying down on their side giving the impression of a mountain range by Caché Owens

Speaker Bonuses Included

Fire Zine Cover

Wu Xing Rituals and Reflections

from Jamee Pineda

A collection of seasonal digital zines based and rooted in Chinese and Tagalog medicine and magic.

Get yours FREE (normally $50)

Jamee Pineda Profile Photo
Online Self Care Retreat Graphic

Online Self Care Retreat

from Elinor Predota

This online retreat will support you to:

  • settle into your own understanding of self care  
  • begin to clarify your wants and needs
  • work out some ways to get what you want and need
  • tackle barriers to self care
  • find and access external resources
  • develop your own self care plan, which you can expand over time to cover every area of your life.

Dates: 27th August and 3rd September, 2023

Times:  8-11am Pacific / 11am-2pm Eastern / 4-7pm UK / 5-8pm C. Europe on both days

A set of pre-retreat reflection prompts and Zoom links for the live calls will be provided once you have signed up to confirm your place.

£120 discount off Tiered Pricing: £120 / £240 / £360 / £480

Elinor Predota Profile Photo
Fat Freedom Moments Image

Fat Freedom Moments

from Tiana Dodson

Through my years of both working with clients and experiencing my own body acceptance journey, I've found that when you feel like you can't escape diet culture and messages that your body is wrong and needs changing, you need a reminder.

A reminder that this isn't all there is.

A reminder that there's another way, that something else is doable, accessible, and possible... and that you can do it.

That's where Fat Freedom Moments come in.

They're weekly text message reminders affirming that there's nothing wrong with you or your body, that you deserve to live well and get your needs met.

6 Months FREE (normally $17/month or $102)

Tiana Dodson Profile Photo
Porsha Beed Bonus Image

The Radical Self-Love Workshop

from Porsha Beed

The Radical Self-Love workshop helps you develop daily practices to more fully love yourself with intention and grace.

It is an opportunity to go inward and listen to what your heart and spirit are asking for.

Attend FREE (normally $150)

Porsha Beed Profile Photo
Clarinda Tivoli Bonus Image

Storykeepers: Indigenous Frameworks for Marketing with Story, Webinar and Q&A

from Clarinda Tivoli

Learn how indigenous story wisdom informs marketing for business, across multiple industries.

Clarinda will also provide info about upcoming educational and consulting opportunities, as well as an intimate Q+A session.

Attend FREE (normally $150)

Clarinda Tivoli Profile Photo
Ifasina Clear Bonus Image

Badass Embodiment for the New Comer to Body Liberation

from TaMeicka "Ifasina" Clear

Experience a movement-based wellness practice.

Attend FREE (normally $150)

TaMeicka "Ifasina" Clear Profile Photo
Isy Abraham-Raveson Bonus Image

Strategies for Building a Culture of Body Liberation for Kids

from Isy Abraham-Raveson

This resource offers 13 strategies you can use to build a culture of body liberation with kids, with examples of how to use each strategy.

Get yours FREE (normally $20)

Isy Abraham-Raveson Profile Photo
Mia Donley Bonus Image

Private Q&A with Mia the RD

from Mia Donley

Join us for a free private 45 minute Q&A with Mia Donley, a registered dietitian who specializes in weight-neutral care for eating disorders, PCOS, GI conditions, and more. 

Here we can discuss questions that come up for you around food, body, or even career.

Attend FREE (normally $135 - $195)

Mia Donley Profile Photo
Nichole Beiner Powell-Newman Bonus Image

Chronically Ill Chronicles: Bonus Convo with Nichole and Tiana

from Nichole Beiner Powell-Newman

A special conversation with Tiana and Nichole about the different struggles of navigating life with chronic illnesses, how to show up for loved ones with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Get 50% off (normally $160)

Nichole Beiner Powell-Newman Profile Photo
Exclusive Q&A with Aaron Flores

Exclusive Q&A with Aaron Flores

from Aaron Flores

Spend time with Aaron for an exclusive Q&A opportunity. This is your chance to ask questions from an expert in the field to help you on your body liberation journey. Aaron works with a variety of clients and with over 15 years of experience, he can provide a unique perspective on this journey. The Q&A session will be 60 minutes and held via Zoom.

Attend FREE (normally $50 per person for group sessions)

Aaron Flores Profile Photo
Greta Lax Bonus Image

+6 Session Coaching Discount

from Greta Lax

For those Make Progress Pass buyers who have completed the inventory, debrief, and assessment package deal, I'm offering an additional 6 "Get on Track" coaching sessions at a 30% discount. We know it takes 9 - 12 months to make significant progress in intercultural development with regular effort; let's work together to help ensure you have the support you need to reach your personal and professional goals.

Get 30% off (normally $1800)

Greta Lax Profile Photo

Your Investment

All Tiers of the Make Progress Pass allow you the same access to the contents of the Pass. The purpose of this tiered pricing scale is to accommodate you and your financial situation.

First, you get to choose if a Make Progress Pass is for you by imagining yourself being supported in this way and what possibilites may come from it. And if that feels good, then you can move to the next step!

The action step is where you take an honest look at your financial sitatuation and feel into what the best, most realistic contribution is for you. You will not be questioned or judged about what Tier you choose. I trust your choice is made in good faith and I can’t wait to see you in the community!

*Payment plans are available for the Speaker Care and Community Care Tiers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get access to everything?

Speaker Bonuses will be available to you immediately upon purchase of the Make Progress Pass. 

All Conference recordings will be made available once the Conference live run week is finished, so after 21 July, 2023.

How long will I have to watch each conversation?

You will have access to the Conference recordings until 31 January, 2024.

What kind of accessibility options will be available?

Each interview video will be captioned and transcripts will be available when they go live since they have been pre-recorded.

You will also have access to a private audio feed for listening on the go during the live run week.

Do I have to pay in full now?

That totally depends on the Tier you choose. We are offering payment plans for the Speaker Care and Community Care Tiers, simply select that option at checkout and pay in 2 equal installments.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the fact that this is a digital product that you will be able to access and download instantly from multiple businesses, refunds will not be available. However, if you are unsatisfied by your purchase, please reach out to us.

Help! I've got a question that wasn't answered here!

Not a problem! Just hop on over to our Contact page, drop your question there, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.