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Greta Lax

Thursday, July 20

Join us for a workshop where we’ll look at some of the ways our lens serves us, how it can create barriers, and discuss concrete solutions for understanding and expanding our capacity to play our role in finding liberation.


cis, het white woman, a first-generation college grad, ND, with chronic illness and invisible disabilities, who grew up in a low-income rural socioeconomic environment

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Greta Lax (she/her) is a coach, consultant, and facilitator supporting growth that facilitates the work of DEI and justice.

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Greta A. Lax, M.S., coach, consultant and facilitator, focuses on supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) through intercultural development. Her work helps clients build a mindset and foundation of knowledge and skills so they can be more effective learners and leaders supporting the work of DEI strategy, anti-racism, anti-oppression, and liberation.

She brings a unique mix of training and experience in corporate, education and research spanning multiple industries and disciplines, with an educational foundation in industrial-organizational psychology, and a lens deeply informed by more than a decade working for and alongside historically marginalized communities.

This hands-on anti-poverty, anti-racism, health equity, and social determinants of health-driven work changed her own lens on the world and on her work immeasurably.

Today she helps others understand and expand their own lens, developing tools and skills so they can more successfully navigate differences and improve their own outcomes with colleagues, employees, clients, and customers.

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