Learn How to Get the Care You Deserve

The In This Body: Navigating Medical Care in a Bigger Body virtual conference is a week-long, online conference for anyone in a larger body who wants to learn more about getting the care they need from a medical system biased against them.

You’ve got three different options for taking part in the virtual conference. Check them out below:

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the videos become available?

The video for each interview will become available during the week of March 5th through 9th at 8am Eastern Time. Each video will be available for 48 hours. In order to be able to access the videos after their availability runs out, sign up for either the Get Downloads or Get Coaching packages above.

How do I download the presentations after the conference live week?

On March 11, 2018 all presentations will become available to those who have purchased a Get Downloads or Get Coaching package using their username and passwords through Gumroad.

What is the Western Medicine Guidebook for Bigger Bodies?

The Western Medicine Guidebook for Bigger Bodies is a workbook designed to help you get even more out of each interview. It will include prompts to help you develop your own plan of action for getting your best medical care, takeaways from each interview, and printables to use during your own medical visits.

What's up with the Closed Facebook Discussion group?

The Closed Facebook Discussion Group is a part of the Facebook social media network that will be your special, online place to gather together with your fellow conference attendees to discuss what you’ve heard, comment on and share about what you learned, and ask questions directly of the conference Speakers.

You will need a valid Facebook account in order to participate. If you are on Facebook already, people OUTSIDE of the group can see that you are part of the group but will NOT be able to see or read what you post there.

What is a One Beautiful Yes Session?

A One Beautiful Yes Session is a 90-minute, online meeting with me, Tiana Dodson, fat health coach, focused exclusively on you. During the session, we will discuss one thing that is standing in the way of you having a more positive relationship with you body. You will leave the session with strategies to deal with your one thing, a recording of the session for you to revisit any “Ah-ha!” moments you had, a chance to check in, and ongoing support.

Can I upgrade after the conference starts?

Sure you can. Just contact me at info@tiandodson.com with your request.

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