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Clarinda Tivoli

Thursday, July 20

Join us for a discussion about how we can  work towards decolonizing relationship before business and the importance of storykeeping. 

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Pasifika woman and mother, Fijian (iTaukei – indigenous Fijian) and Samoan

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Founder of The Matriarchal Business, Clarinda (she/her) educates on the decolonization of life & business.

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Born in Aotearoa, family roots in Fiji and Samoa and now living in Hawaii, Clarinda is a proud Pacific Islander whose community is great proof of indigenous ingenuity, resilience and ancestral kinship through millennia.

Clarinda has spent the last 14 years working with her clients, which have included Olympic athletes, politicians and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, to remember indigenous models of commerce, and co-create harmonious frameworks for now, into the future.

Through workshops, individualized consulting, and her authored unit of study on Decolonizing Business, Clarinda helps folks to exponentially grow their businesses, all the while challenging “professional” norms, questioning marketing standards, and divorcing from harmful common business practice.

Also a Polynesian dancer, sailor and musician, Clarinda sees the expression of these practices as acts of reclamation, and a reflection of her vital role as a “keeper of stories” in her own lineage. This, in turn, holds space for others to explore their innate/cultural roles, that also divert from what capitalism and the colonial mind makes important.

A Forbes profile about Clarinda noted that “the idea is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners think about business differently, in a way that is more sustainable, personal, and ultimately enriching.”

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