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Elinor Predota

Tuesday, July 18

Join us for a discussion of living in a chronically ill body and their radical approach to self care.

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queer, disabled, and neurodivergent, an anarcho-communist, intersectional feminist, and aspiring race traitor, and a witch on the path to being Jewish

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Elinor Predota (xe/xyr/xyr or they/them/theirs) is the Founder of We Make The Path CIC, a small non profit currently based in Scotland.

Elinor's Full Bio

Elinor (variable pronouns) is the founder and Programme Director of We Make The Path CIC, a small non-profit currently based in Scotland.

Elinor has a wide-ranging professional background in adult education, community development and youth work, organisational and business development, social research, creating ceremony and ritual, spiritual counselling, complementary therapies and storytelling.

Elinor’s own life with chronic illness has led them to bring all of that knowledge, skill and experience to bear on the issue of how chronically ill people can live more fulfilling lives, and make our contribution to the world.

Elinor gets excited about dogs, plants, queer theory, autonomy and consent, crip time, project planning, poetry, head canons, food, the relationship between self and community, relating with the other-than- and more-than-human, disrupting power-over, and creating the world we want now (amongst other things).

A Freebie for You

Self Care: a guide to identifying your needs and getting them met

This Self Care guide brings some of the wisdom that comes from living with chronic illness to anyone who is feeling under-nourished, depleted, or burnt out, or anyone who wants to avoid those things.

It contains an introduction to needs, wants, and the relationship between them, and a practical guide to making your own self-care plan, that will support you to get what you need so you can do what you’re here to do, both every day and on your worst days.

(If participants sign up for the Make Progress Pass, they’ll have access to a live online workshop to accompany the guide, and support them to create their self-care plan in real time.)

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