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Gloria Lucas

Friday, July 21

Join us for a discussion of eating disorders and harm reduction as a liberatory practice.

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woman of color, xicana, cisgender

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Gloria Lucas (she/her) is an eating disorders awareness educator and founder of Nalgona Positivity Pride.

Gloria's Full Bio

Gloria Lucas was born and raised in Southern California and founded Nalgona Positivity Pride in 2014 at the age of 24. Struggling with an eating disorder (ED) and not being able to relate to the conventional narratives of ED she was moved to share her story with the world. Gloria has a background in grassroots feminist organizing, sexual health education and HIV/AIDS services.

With the help and support of people from her hometown, Inland Empire (IE), family, and friends she was able to grow and impact the lives of thousands who have struggled with body image and ED. Her areas of focus have consisted of eating disorder harm reduction, historical trauma, matriarchal wisdom and indigenous epistemology.

Her work has been featured in NPR, Teen Vogue, MTV, Huffpost, Los Angeles Times, and Bitch Magazine. She is the person behind Seeds from The Flesh and the founder of Mujeres Market. She currently resides in Orange County.

What's Coming Up

The Eating Disorder Harm Reduction course! 

Check out my website to learn more.