Conference Speakers

Everything you need to know

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Hey Speaker!

I’m so excited you’ve decided to join me for this event!!!

Since conferences are made up of many moving parts, it’s our job as the organizers to make sure you have everything you need to have this be an easeful process.

On this page, you should be able to find all the information you need to successfully deliver your brilliance to our conference attendees.

And if you’re left with questions, unsureties, or just need to chat something out, feel free to reach out anytime by posting in the Speakers Lounge!

A virtual body liberation conference

What you can expect

Interview Topic

My invitation to present at the Conference comes with a starting idea for what I think would be awesome for you to share with the audience. However, we will collaborate on the main topic and title of your interview together so you can share all your brilliance.

Speaker Agreement

You’ll receive an invitation to sign a Speaker Agreement. This document will clarify our prospective duties and responsibilities before, during, and after the Conference. 

You must sign the Agreement in order to participate as a Speaker.

Speaker Info

Once you’ve signed and submitted your Speaker Agreement, you’ll receive a link to submit your Bio, Profile Photo, and relevant Links.

**These Links will include your preferred method of payment since each Speaker will receive an equal share of 50% of the Conference profit.


I’ll send you over a link to schedule your interview. We’ll be meeting via Zoom to record a 30-45 minute interview on the topic we agreed upon.

To keep us on schedule, we’ll need to have this completed before 26 June, 2023.

Affiliate Program & Promotion Requirements

You’ll be given the opportunity to sign up for the Affiliate Program so that you can receive additional compensation for each registrant you refer to the Conference who purchases a Make Progress Pass [link to details of MPP].

The compensation rate for each referral will be 60%.

Additionally, all promotional materials will be provided for you to download, including assets personalized with your name, interview topic, and photo.

There is no obligation on your part to promote, though it would be welcome and very helpful, no matter the size of your list or audience.

The promotion period will begin 3 July, 2023.

Bonus Submission

You will be invited to make a digital item/product submission to the Make Progress Pass Bonuses. This is optional.

If you choose to submit an item/product, please choose something that is valued at no more than $100.

Attendee Q&A

You will be invited to further engage with the Conference Attendees via a scheduled Q&A. This can be either a live call via Zoom or just a commitment to be available in the live chat for a specific period of time. This is optional.

Freebie for You

As a Speaker, you will also receive free access to the Make Progress Pass and associated Bonuses.

Get Paid

Payouts will be completed once the Conference is finished and the compulsory 14-day refund window has closed.

Post Conference Launch

One of the goals of this Conference is to debut my Liberation and Solidarity Virtual Retreat offering. There is nothing additional for you to do in order to take part in this launch.

However, if you sign up for the Affiliate Program, anyone you refer to the Conference who goes on to book a Liberation and Solidarity Virtual Retreat with me will earn you a 10% commission of the purchase price (currently $1500, for a commission of $150).

You can learn more about the Liberation and Solidarity Virtual Retreat by clicking here.

Important Dates

Completed Speaker Info Form: 2 June, 2023

Submission to the Make Progress Pass Bonuses: 26 June, 2023

Schedule your Q&A with Attendees: 3 July, 2023

Speaker Promotional Period Begins: 3 July, 2023

Conference Begins: 17 July, 2023

The Make Progress Pass and Bonus Submission Guidelines

A Virtual Conference is an awesome way to get you connected with a lot of new folks and potential clients.

I’ve built in a couple of ways for you, as a Speaker, to maximize your ability to bring Attendees into your realm other than the simple social media follow or website click.

One of them is the chance to offer a Freebie or Newsletter sign up link in all the places you’ll be featured during the Conference.

And the other is your ability to contribute a Bonus Offering to the Make Progress Pass.

What is the Make Progress Pass?

The Make Progress Pass is the way we’ll be monetizing the Conference, resulting in the ability to pay you for your expertise and effort as a Speaker and me and my team for all the work we put in to make it happen.

Passholders will be able to purchase 6 months of extended access to the presentation recordings, workbooks to help them dive deeper, and a suite of Bonuses that will help them move their newly acquired knowledge forward into action.

Things to know about the Bonus Offerings

  1. These Offerings should be something you’ve created in your business and have for sale.
  2. Since they will be included in the Make Progress Pass as a bundle, they should be lower ticket products ($100 and under).
  3. Preferrably, they are digitally delivered.
  4. Best kinds of products to offer:
    1. eBooks
    2. Email courses
    3. Virtual workshop
    4. Prerecorded video series
    5. Other digital download
  5. What to avoid:
    1. Anything requiring you to be booked for a one-on-one call (unless you have capacity for lots of new calls on your calendar)

How they will be delivered

Each Make Progress Passholder will receive access to my course platform where the links for all the Bonuses will be placed.

This means that I will need a link from you to your Bonus Offering that will be collected in the Bonus Submission Form.

Since your Bonus Offering is something you normally sell, I will need either a coupon or discount code to make it free for each Passholder. (Keeping it relatively simple and relevant to the Conference will make things easier. For example, code: ITB2023.)

Coupon/discount codes need to be valid until the end of the Make Progress Pass sales period at midnight, 31 July, 2023.

Got this far but still have questions?

Just reach out and ask!