The In This Body: Navigating the Medical System in a Bigger Body Virtual Conference addresses health and the healthcare system for all angles, including general health, the realities of healthism, medical biases and your legal rights, women’s health, and advocating for yourself in the face of a hostile medical care system.

We’re proud to feature a range of doctors, therapists, and coaches, including:

DeAun Nelson, Naturopathic Doctor and Co-Creator of the Do No Harm Podcast will discuss the truth between body size, body acceptance, and diabetes.

DeAun Nelson graduated as an ND from NUNM in 2012 and is currently practicing in Portland at Watershed Wellness. The focus of her practice is based on Health At Every Size® and a weight neutral approach to health. She knows that when patients focus on healthy habits, rather than body size or weight, they tend to be healthier and happier. She is also the co-creator of the Do No Harm Podcast, a podcast that educates medical professionals about weight independent healthcare.

Deb Burgard, Activist, Therapist, and Speaker will share with us about the importance of self advocacy and how you can do it, too.

Deb Burgard, PhD, and Fellow in the Academy for Eating Disorders, specializes in eating, sexuality, body image, health, and relationship concerns. She co-created the Health at Every Size model, the Body Positive website, Great Shape: The First Fitness Guide for Large Women, and numerous book chapters and research articles. An activist and an internationally known speaker trying to change the forces that create oppression and barriers to health, she trains clinicians to integrate social justice concerns into their treatment models. Deb can be spotted at conferences hula hooping and dancing in the pool, as her overarching goal is to bring back recess for all.

Sondra Solovay, Attorney, Educator, Author, and Activist will help us better understand our rights and responsibilities as patients and shine a light on the system of compliance that doctors are working within.

Sondra Solovay is an attorney and educator. She focuses on compliance matters including discrimination and  harassment prevention, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion, all from an intersectional perspective. She is the author of Tipping the Scales of Justice, which examines weight discrimination as a civil rights issue in the United States. Along with Esther Rothum, Sondra is the co-editor of the award-winning Fat Studies Reader – an anthology that helped define the field of fat studies. She is currently under contract and working on her third book. Sondra has been on the front lines of the war in fat, helping people fight for their legal rights in areas including family law, employment and accommodation for more than 15 years. She is a graduate of Brown University and her law degree is from UC Berkeley.

Tiana Dodson, Fat Health Coach and Activist, and your host for the In This Body Virtual Conferences.

Tiana Dodson is a fat, certified holistic health coach who’s out to destroy the belief that you have to be skinny to be happy and healthy. Through her work with One Beautiful Yes, she guides women of all types, femmes, and gender-nonconforming people to reconnect with their bodies through pragmatic self-care practices so they can come to see that their “right now” body has actually been the right body all along.