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Jad Jaber

Friday, July 21

Join us for a discussion about reconciling identity, religion, and culture through body reclamation and decolonization. 

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Global South and Queer

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Dr. Jad Jaber (he/they), Founder of Marginalized Majority works in Equity, Diversity, Inlcusion and Belonging.

Jad's Full Bio

Dr. Jad Jaber lectures in the fields of queer theory and gender. He has implemented multiple Workshops on “Marginalized Queers Healing” in Toronto, Canada and across the globe. Jad is the founder of Marginalized Majority, a Non-profit organization focused on furthering education through developing and implementing programs tailored for marginalized LGBTQI2S+ in Canada.

Jad’s Post-doctorate was focused on Feminist Economics, which falls in line with his WEE (Women Economic Empowerment) work with major international organizations (World Bank and Save The Children) as a social and research expert. Issues that pertain to Queer migrants include inter-generational trauma, internalized homophobia, psycho-emotional healing, language Barriers, and racism within queer culture. Jad has lectured at the University of Toronto in the fields of Queer Immigrant Studies and Emotion. Jad served as a Board Director at Pride Toronto for 3 years. Jad is also a member of the Toronto City LGBTQ+ advisory Board council. He is also the published author of “Queer Arab Martyr” and “Queer Arab Language”.

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Our Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging training at Marginalized Majority. We train organizations in creating a “Culture of Care and Safety”, on “Imposter Syndrome amongst new coming immigrants”, Pronoun sensitivity, Anti-Black and Anti-Asian racism.

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