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Mia Donley

Thursday, July 20

Join us for a discussion about how being committed to justice and bringing yourself to your work can help you challenge oppressive institutions.

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Black and Korean queer woman in a midsize body

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Mia Donley (she/her) is a registered dietitian who supports folks navigating food, body, and everything in between.

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Mia is a registered dietitian who originally pursued nutrition to bring culturally relevant nutrition education to the field, as she didn’t find her own family foods and practices reflected in dietetics. Her pursuits have led her to food and disability work, in the community as a SNAP-Ed nutrition educator, and in government as a nutrition consultant. Through her work in public health, she developed a lens for seeing systemic inequalities and a passion for increasing food access.

She supports folks exploring their relationship to food and body, including eating disorder support, managing chronic conditions, navigating neurodivergence and food, and other health concerns from a weight inclusive lens. Outside of counseling, she helps create spaces for Black dietitians and dietitians of color working in the fields of eating disorders and nutrition. She also consults for community and public health orgs looking to bring weight inclusive nutrition to their practice. She also enjoys teaching about cultural aspects of nutrition at MSU Denver.