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Nichole Beiner Powell-Newman

Thursday, July 20

Join us for a discussion of how we can find belonging and get our needs met when disabled by chronic illness and the importance of community care when you live on the hyphen.

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Black, Afro-Latina. Puerto Rican and Dominican. A cis-gender woman, A wife, a sister, and a leader. I aspire to be a mother and am part of the infertility, chronic illness, and disability communities.

Black, Afro-Latina. I’m Puerto Rican and Dominican. I’m a cis-gender woman, a wife, a sister, and a leader. I aspire to be a mother and am part of the infertility, chronic illness, and disability communities.

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Nichole Beiner Powell-Newman (she/her) is a facilitator working for collective healing and liberation because we all deserve to thrive.

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Nichole Alcántara Beiner Powell-Newman is an intersectional wellness advocate, speaker and consultant. She seeks equity, belonging and liberation at the crossroads of race, gender, and (dis)ability, through courageous conversations about lived truths, collective healing/care, and through community-centered action. She enjoys creating spaces that allow vulnerable explorations of unbridled joy for those who hold multiple marginalized identities and cultivating communities committed to intersectional belonging.

Nichole serves as the CEO and Co-Founder of Nichole Gabrielle and Co., LLC, a Leadership and Culture Consultancy focused on creating cultures of belonging for people with marginalized identities. Using the skills she’s gained from years of facilitation work, legal practice, and her own experiences as a disabled and chronically ill Afro-Latina, Nichole is able to help companies tackle systemic inequities, have hard conversations, and create spaces where people feel safe and confident that they can be their full selves.

When she’s not spending time in community, Nichole enjoys reading, spending time with her husband, Vince, and learning about new foods and places. Lately, you can find her re-connecting with her roots in food anthropology, studying yoga philosophy, or planning out the big, beautiful life she believes we’re all deserving of.

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I’ll be offering a live workshop to attendees interested in being in community with one another and practicing restorative and rejuvenating healing practices.

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