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Porsha Beed

Wednesday, July 19

Join us for a discussion of how radical love is the foundation of collective liberation, why spirituality needs to be centered in social justice and liberation work, and how love can be a vehicle for healing Black women.

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african heritage, queer, fat, indigenous, gender expansive, with an ever evolving spirit that is changing daily

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Porsha (she/her) is a human spirit on the planet that is striving to be and bring more love to our world.

Porsha's Full Bio

Porsha Beed (she/her) is the founder of Liberating Voices.

Porsha is a practitioner of love, grief work, and deep heart/soul work. She is a mentor, love prophet, poet, spiritual healer and facilitator who pulls from a spiritual ancestral lineage and the earth as guides to support and hold her as she works towards a vision of healing work that aids in the dismantling of racism and oppression.

With six years of experience as a spiritual wellness coach and group facilitator, she weaves her African Heritage and queer experiences into seeds that she sows in her authentic creative expressions through facilitation, ritual practices, poetry, and song.

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What's Coming Up

The Can You Hear Me Virtual Workshop 3 series is a 3 month customizable program for those that want to create social change and become bridges for black women’s liberation and voices.

Within this program participants will meet virtually once a month with Porsha for three months. This is an invitation to white identified people to join Porsha on an exploration into noticing what barriers stop white identified people from hearing and holding black women and their stories.

Pricing: 120 minute group sessions (8-12 people) per cohort 1x/month for 3 months

Virtual: sliding scale $250-$650* per person

*Highest end of the sliding scale contributes to the RISE UP program for black women. Learn more about RISE UP here