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TaMeicka “Ifasina” Clear

Tuesday, July 18

Join us for a discussion of how we can find joyful movement in and with our bodies that respects access and creates liberation.

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Black American/Descendant of Enslaved Africans
Working Class

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TaMeicka “Ifasina” Clear (they/them) has been dancing and teaching dance for more than 20 years.

Ifasina's Full Bio

TaMeicka “Ifasina” Clear (they/them), who also goes by “ThaHood AlKemist”, has been dancing and teaching dance for more than 20 years. Ifasina is trained in modern, jazz, hip hop, and a few auxiliary based dance styles including flag twirling and tambourine dance. Their foundational mode of dance is liturgical with heavy interpretive and “West African” style dance influences.

Ifasina is passionate about creating containers and facilitating practices that support people to engage the human condition. Their work explores, greif, longing, jubilation, and power among many other states and forms of existence through teaching, facilitating, and performing, often, while doing all 3.

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